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    Facts about Things 4 inspiration

    Energy Efficiency

    - The economist -

    60% of B2B have not undertaken any measures within the past 3 years to improve the energy efficiency.

    • 46% Possibly because of business have no solution to track and optimise energy and asset use
    • 42% Possibly because of business believe there is no clear-cut financial case for such measure


    Expand asset lifetime


    Even though the term predictive maintenance has been around for many years, majority of assets are exposed by Time Based Maintenance

    • 85% of equipment fails in spite of calendared maintenance (Boing)
    • 63% of schedules maintenance is unnecessary (Emerson)
  • E-Books & Video

    The Internet of Things - E-Book

    Internet of Things technology connects its equipment to monitoring dashboards so company managers can see where an entire  fleet of vehicles are at any time, and evaluate the performance of  that equipment in real-time. Diagnostic data flows wirelessly to a technician who may show up at a worksite with a replacement part before a driver has even noticed a problem

    Machine Learning made easy - Video Tutorials

    By these videos it is explained how the Internet of Things enables;

    • Machine Learning
    • Making Machines Smart
    • Predictive Scheduling
    • Pattern Recognition 

    Smart, Connected Products - E-Book

    As products evolve, they enable an entirely new set of functions and capabilities that create value for customers, manufacturers, and the connected ecosystem.Smart, connected product capabilities can be  grouped into four categories: monitor, control, optimize, and automate.