• Togther we Sense 4 Things and focus

    Decades of subject matter expertise & Business understanding



    COLLECT & reuse your Machine Data that matters to feed AI/ML tools and eliminate data gravity.



    CONNECT human subject matter expertise with AI/ML and distribute the Intelligence.



    Real Time CONTROL of Assets & Processes by applications at the EDGE securely at your site.



    Focused on solving the problem and business outcomes that will drive & enable CHANGE

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    Facts about Things 4 inspiration

    Energy Efficiency

    - The economist -

    60% of B2B have not undertaken any measures within the past 3 years to improve the energy efficiency.

    • 46% Possibly because of business have no solution to track and optimise energy and asset use
    • 42% Possibly because of business believe there is no clear-cut financial case for such measure


    Expand asset lifetime


    Even though the term predictive maintenance has been around for many years, majority of assets are exposed by Time Based Maintenance

    • 85% of equipment fails in spite of calendared maintenance (Boing)
    • 63% of schedules maintenance is unnecessary (Emerson)


    - Mike W. Otten -

    There is no "black box from the shelve" that solves your biggest concerns but we Sense 4 Things that proved the instant value

    • Reuse systems & machine data
    • Model AI/ML with Human expertise
    • Insights where the actions are
    • Change what enables value